Excellent Customer Service!

“Excellent customer service. I accidentally left my keys on my porch and in the morning they were gone. I hire this company after finding them here on yelp, panicking because I didn’t want a set of my apartment keys out there with some stranger. He was here in less than 20 minutes and the lock was able to be re-keyed for way less money than I originally anticipated. I highly recommend.”

Maria L

Johnny Locksmith is the best around! He is very personable, honest and reasonably priced. He is the go-to person in Rochester!

Dr. Rodney O'Connor

A friend recommended Johnny Locksmith for my residential re-keying needs. He was on time, quick, and a very nice man.
The prices were very reasonable – no hidden fees or costs; he has a good reputation and he had been in business for a number of years. I will be sure to look him up again in the future if I should need the services of a locksmith again!

Sarah S

Very friendly man who saved me in my time of need! I locked myself out like an idiot and he answered right away. He said it would be approximately a 40 minute wait and he was exactly right with this estimate.
My lock was tricky but he was able to get it open without having to drill it.
Price was totally fair. Not cheap but reasonable for how desperate I was.
I liked that this was a self-run business, a local guy, hard-working and talented. I would use him again but let’s pray I don’t have to!

Meg M